The design process starts with establishing a thorough knowledge of both the client and their branding ambitions. Before the job starts, it is important to understand all elements of the
    brand – including the target audience, the client’s current ambitions for the brand and the
    state of their competition.
    Once this has been established, the conceptual process can begin. This starts with a 
    detailed exploration of where the final outcome may lead. Design is a very organic
    means of communication, and as a result, there is not one systematic set of rules which
    will provide a single, perfect outcome. It is therefore essential for the designer and the
    client to work together throughout the branding process if a beautiful, memorable and
    effective brand is to be established.
    Finally, one of the most important elements of brand design is execution. Consistency, 
    perfectionism and an eye for detail are indispensable when it comes to transitioning from the final concept to the final product.
    When strong ideas are coupled with great execution, a successful outcome is sure to be achieved.