Hey, nice to meet you! Just a little bit about me: I'm a graphic designer with the aspiration to one day call myself "artist". I'm also a self-confessed weirdo - in a good way. I work together with businesses and individuals from around the world on design projects that are memorable, out-of-the-box, impactful and creative. 

On a personal level: I'm an antipodean residing in the UK, I'm in my element when traveling (isn't everyone?), I have heart eyes for: mini things, cacti, friendly canines, old-school pop music and love a nice day out on a boat fishing. 



Should we work together?

Well, I'm not like everyone else. So in celebrating my differences I'd like to introduce you to a different method of working together. 

Call me a hippy if you like, but I believe creating should be an organic process. It's something that takes time with meaningful thought processes. 

Design that makes an impression is an art form. If you're interested in a brand or design that comprises of mind-blowing ideas and powerful executions that leave your audience with their socks blown off, then you've met the right gal. 

My experience is in branding, packaging, illustration, art direction, photography, and web design. And what I want to do is work with people on projects that are more than just projects, either via collaboration or through my own art direction.

What I mean by "more than" is: projects that are meaningful, with the intention to "wow!" people. To make people smile, excite them, help them to think differently or to break the mould. If you have something in mind, then I'm excited to meet you and would love to discuss in more detail.



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Skills and services

Branding: This includes designing a brand from the ground up or a complete rebrand. Together we'll create a mood-board and then go onto choosing a colour palette, typefaces, patterns and design elements. I can also take on full development and management of your brand - covering aspects such as image, voice marketing strategies, etc. 

Packaging: Designing and developing the packaging for a product. This may involve helping a client with the overall idea behind the packaging, what the package will be made of, colours, shapes and so on.

Idea generation: Tapping into the creative part of the mind and finding interesting solutions for problems. The brainstorming part of a project is what I get a real kick out of. I like to ask myself the question: how can I make this project leave a mark in the minds of those looking at it or engaging with it? Read more >


Other skills: I have notable experience in photography, I would say it's more than a just hobby for me. I also have worked on a number of fun illustration projects - something I'd like to keep exploring. I have a passion for beautiful typography but also want to explore more unique typesetting with clients. I've also recently gained many skills in UX/UI design and project management. 

Technical abilities: I am proficient at the Adobe Creative Suite; Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I also know quite well my way around SketchApp, Squarespace and many social media platforms.



Brands I've worked with:



Currently available for commissions

Have a design or art project in mind or thinking about rebranding?