Drip | The Global Food Crisis



Drip, a collection of photographed fruit covered in a paint-like substance aims to connect the dots between art and activism. In her last collection, Refrigerator, Charlotte transformed mundane fridge items through the spotlight of her camera lens. Through this, food became a protagonist in ownership of a narrative. As she continued to explore storytelling through food, Drip came to fruition when experimenting with minimalist and still life compositions through pouring paint over fruit, emphasising the appeal of nature under a wax-like substance. But, with a personal passion for the environment, she was struck by the wastage implicit in her own artistic processes. Inspired by Sara Menker’s (CEO of Gro Intelligence) TEDX talk, “A global food crisis may be less than a decade away,” Charlotte was determined not to waste food for art’s sake. As the Global Food Crisis influenced the conceptual course of Drip, Charlotte developed a keen activist tone within her artistic work. 




Drip's goal is to challenge how everyday choices play a role in the ever-critical Global Food Crisis. Following reflection, Charlotte’s replacement of paint with a white substance made of flour and water consequently refuted the unnecessary destruction of food. The fruits throughout the series, covered in this dripping substance, highlight the value of food, evokes crucial reflection of the Global Food Crisis and explore the consequences of the individual’s everyday choices around food. More so, the found-object is transformed through a symbolically driven, visual story pervasive in every person’s home: the story of how we use and abuse food. As an effect, Drip demands increased accountability and social consciousness from its audiences.



Statement written by Tahney Fosdike