Now you can support me!

I've decided to sign up for a page on Patreon. I'd like to see how this goes. So basically it's like a croudfunding site but for artists and creatives. We set goals and you help us get to them. And by supporting, you gain access to all the cool "behind-the-scenes" work and other goodies. I've also set mine up so that people actually get signed artworks sent to them. So it's a unique way of aquiring some of my work while I try to get "famous". 

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The Global Food Crisis

Here's a sneak peek from my next collection. As you know I've been producing artworks based on the food found in my fridge for over a year now. Food is a subject of interest. I am fascinated by the way as an artist I can take something mundane and ordinary and turn it into an artwork. This next collection is an extension of that subject, but looking at it from a deeper level. It focuses on an issue close to heart, and one that impacts everyone on this planet - the global food crisis. Stay tuned for more works from the collection.

Wrapped something

Rummaging around my fridge today in search of something interesting to photograph and found this peculiar, squishy object wrapped in plastic. I am puzzled and at the same time a bit scared as to what it might be. After a moment of gawking, my curiosity got the better of me, which lead to taking a little sniff, then a taste to find out exactly what it might be. I think it's quince but I can't be sure. Either way, not as scary as I thought. 

Cactus pot

It’s the simple things in life that capture my eye. I found this little guy planted in a takeaway coffee cup at my sister’s house upon my visit to Australia. He was found outside on a workbench that the kids often use. I admire the way she teaches her kids about plants and agriculture...

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A family of artists

It seems I have a lot of artists in my family. I kind of knew that but I've been noticing their works more and more of late. Found this beauty when rummaging through / "cleaning" my sister’s living room. It’s one of my very talented Uncle’s ceramic bowls. I’m just in love with those colours. Do you think she would notice if it went missing??

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Butterfly wing

I’ve finally had a chance to stop and breathe. It’s been non-stop the last few months. Traveling from the UK to Portugal and now to Australia to visit family. It’s hot here in Adelaide, so I’m indoors enjoying a quiet moment under the air-conditioning - alone. And whilst sweeping my sister's living room floor I found this beautiful butterfly wing. To me, it's a small reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life that inspire us or bring us moments of joy. 

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I have often spoken of value of stories, and the way they breathe life into an artwork. This fish photograph comes from a still-life collection (a work in progress) which is based on an assortment of objects, all of which tell a story together. Each one has an important connection with the others. Stay tuned for more.. 

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French cheese

Indulging my senses with food is one of things I love about visiting France, I mean who doesn't? But in particular, the high-quality and quantity of cheese consumption. Every single day my friends eat cheese. For the French, this is an obvious fact. I knew they loved cheese but I was in the mindset they kept a special stock in the fridge, just for my visit. But no, it wasn't an illustration of their inherent culture but actually just a simple culinary norm. When I told them of my assumption, they laughed. 

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Quarter of a lime

Another post from my Fridge Friday collection. The shot came about while I was in the middle of a product photography shoot for a client (more about that later) and it being a Friday, thought it appropriate to quickly snap something from my fridge. I placed this bit lime on the orange card and looked into the viewfinder - perfect! I'm so in love with the stunning shades of green and the oranges hues that really make them pop. 

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Another visit to Portugal

This country always manages to inspire me. Every time I visit, I find myself fascinated by the natural eclecticness of the cities and streets. Almost every building and home is covered with colourful, ornately decorated tiles, each one a magnificent and charming addition to the vibrancy of the street. 

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I admire the uniqueness of shells. Each one bears its own markings, some have been chipped or scratched, some are bright and colourful, but they each have their own story to tell (yes I know I keep persisting with this idea about stories). And this is what makes me want to stop and collect them. I'd just love to know where each one has been, how it came to be on that beach, has any other human touched this particular one? 

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Buildings of Hamburg

One of the cities I love to visit for a taste of post-modern architectural visual pleasure (it's a new thing, look it up), is Hamburg. Actually, to the point that my eyes became rather sore after spending just one day walking around this city. This photograph is but a titbit of the sophistication and beauty that sweeps across the streets of Hamburg. The elegant, straight lines, strong symmetrical and geometrical shapes along with the rows of glass and steel facades, impressively demonstrate the power of precision within German architecture and design.

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Just love

I'm a people person. And a big advocate for caring. Giving another person in your sphere even just 5 minutes of your time on a daily or weekly basis, is better than doing absolutely nothing. Call a friend, compliment a colleague, help a stranger, support a local artist, buy local, do something, even if it's just small or simple, on a regular basis. Maybe, just maybe, if we all love a bit more, together we could change the world. 

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Vashon Island

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to design the wedding invitations for a creative New York couple. As part of the project, they asked me to design them a map of Vashon Island, their wedding location, to show their guests where to stay, where the ceremonial parties were taking place and places to visit whilst staying on the island. This is the map design, contact me if you'd like one of your own. 

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Flowers from her

Here's a little sneak peek of one of my latest collections. I can't say much, only that it's based on some of my recent personal experiences. I believe in the power of story telling, and that every object in our life has it's own tale. They all have meaning, whether it be a deep, intellectual meaning or one that is fleeting, it's important as an artist we tell those stories. Keep tuned for more.

A train among the snow

Throwback to my winter spent trekking around Eastern Europe for the holiday period. This photograph was taken on a crisp, -5 degree day, walking through the snow to our accommodation in Poprad at the base of the Tatra Mountains in North Slovakia. It was the solitary train that took us up the mountain for skiing. And yes, it even made its way up on Christmas day. Lucky us! 


Bought this little guy today at the bustling Cambridge fresh food market. And obviously, I wasn't going to let my partner boil him until I had my fair share of time photographing him. I was and still am delighted by his soft colours and exquisitely unique textures. I wonder what kind of print he might make.. He certainly did taste incredible, cooked Portuguese style!

Port Willunga

Today I miss Australia. It's beaches like these that help me find my equilibrium again. This is a photograph taken with bare feet on the sandy shore of Port Willunga, South Australia. This photo sticks strongly in the back of my mind when I'm missing my home country. Also, the beach was completely empty of other people. Incredible, right? Someone fly me back please!