Proggy Tool

"For my love of all things textiles. Hooky and Proggy mats were a common sight in working class homes in the North East of England until the mid 20th century. The mats were made from old sacks and recycled fabric to keep floors warm before homes had carpets. I teach proggy classes, so this tool has been used to teach children and rekindle a passion in the older generations." 


"The building I was in at the time was moving location, so there was quiet a lot of boxes filled with unwanted items to give away or sell. I found this vintage hairdryer in amongst it all and kept it for some reason. Maybe it was the beauty of the thing, maybe just a bit of nostalgia.. who knows but I still have it here in my drawer incase I might need it some day..."

Shower Cap

Some people get a bit funny about shower caps. I mean, they’re not the most beautiful thing in the bathroom.. well maybe not for you. But to me, they are really interesting! I love the shapes and patterns created within the folds. If you didn’t know what it was, do you think you’d see it differently? 

Read Rose

This dead rose is a reminder that beauty knows no time. Some people think their peak was in their twenties or early thirties, but I don’t think beauty holds a boundary of time. Society leads us to believer we have to get rid of our wrinkles and dye our grey hair in order to look younger, brighter and fresher, which will then make us appear more beautiful. This is a lie. Real beauty is about waking up, looking in the mirror and choosing to love what you see. 

Quail Egg No.1

There’s something that fascinates me about eggs. Maybe it’s their strong, structural shape, which is actually purely natural. Maybe it’s the fact that they contain a life within them, or at least the beginnings of a life. I love the natural patterns and shapes created in their outer-shell. 

Medicinal Cream

For you, this tube of medicinal cream might be a bit boring. Maybe you even question why I’ve photographed it. 
For me, it’s really quirky. I love the colours, label and shape. The best part is, I’m most likely the only person to ever photograph it, which kind of makes me a pioneer

All framed and ready to go

Prepping for my show this weekend, I'm super excited! If you’re in Newcastle come along to Ampersand Inventions in the Commercial Union House across from the Tyne Cinema. I’ll be on the fourth floor for the Late Shows. Oh, and don't forget to bring an everyday object for me to photograph on the night. More information on that coming soon!


Sometimes when people ask “so what kind of photography do you do?” My response is usually that I’m one of those weirdos who takes photos of people’s objects. I just love the look on their faces and the “oooh.... that sounds interesting...” response.

Oyster Shell

This is an oyster shell from a box of oysters bought at the market this week. After eating the insides, I couldn't help but take photos of them (as per usual). It's a joy to admire the startling contrast between the soft, elegant pearl texture on the inside and the hard, rugged exterior.

Another Clay Torso

Here's a work-in-progress shot of another clay torso I'm working on. It's just an experimental piece but I really do enjoy working with clay, the way it feels so natural and earthy. 

New Studio!

I'm so excited to announce that today I move into my new studio! It's been 6 years of working from home, and now I'm finally out of my pyjamas and in my own working space at Ampersand Inventions. Here's a shot of my desk. There's so much more to do but it looks good so far. More photos to come.

Now you can support me!

I've decided to sign up for a page on Patreon. I'd like to see how this goes. So basically it's like a croudfunding site but for artists and creatives. We set goals and you help us get to them. And by supporting, you gain access to all the cool "behind-the-scenes" work and other goodies. I've also set mine up so that people actually get signed artworks sent to them. So it's a unique way of aquiring some of my work while I try to get "famous". 

Charlotte FosdikeComment
5000 Dong

I don't think I'm the only person who likes to collect notes from the countries they visit. This one I found whilst rummaging through a few things the other day. I love the way this little note is a reminder of an incredible trip taken about 6 years ago to Vietnam. It brings up all the amazing memories of that trip, riding scooters, eating delicious local food in bamboo huts by the riverside, going up mountains in dodgy Jeeps...

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Olive Leaves

This is a shot from another collection in progress entitled "Dead Plants". It's a clipping from an olive tree in Palma whilst traveling with my family. I'm often picking up sticks, leaves and things, collecting them as I go for walks in nature. This one is a reminder of my trip to the Spanish Island of Majorca and traveling around, exploring, riding bikes, eating amazing food and relaxing in the sun. 

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A collection of hair

For those of you weirdos out there who like artworks that make you feel a bit uncomfortable, this is for you. The title says it all - I've been collecting hair. My girlfriend's hair to be precise. I find it interesting that when it's connected to her head, to everyone (including myself) it is quite beautiful - people often want to touch her hair, I even have hair envy. But once it's off her head it's then seen as "gross". A photograph of it like this is just plain weird. Well I think it's quite beautiful still. All those shapes and lines in their natural, vibrant way... 

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The Global Food Crisis

Here's a sneak peek from my next collection. As you know I've been producing artworks based on the food found in my fridge for over a year now. Food is a subject of interest. I am fascinated by the way as an artist I can take something mundane and ordinary and turn it into an artwork. This next collection is an extension of that subject, but looking at it from a deeper level. It focuses on an issue close to heart, and one that impacts everyone on this planet - the global food crisis. Stay tuned for more works from the collection.

Wrapped something

Rummaging around my fridge today in search of something interesting to photograph and found this peculiar, squishy object wrapped in plastic. I am puzzled and at the same time a bit scared as to what it might be. After a moment of gawking, my curiosity got the better of me, which lead to taking a little sniff, then a taste to find out exactly what it might be. I think it's quince but I can't be sure. Either way, not as scary as I thought.